Diploma HE in Theology

London School of Theology

Penerangan Program

Diploma HE in Theology

London School of Theology

Compulsory Modules

Biblical Studies 2

Addresses the hermeneutical and interpretational challenge in deliberately varied but significant areas of Biblical Study

Christian History, Doctrine and Theology 2

Looks at three integrative parts: the Person and Work of Christ, A survey of Church History from the Reformation to the present day, and, an examination of the subjective side of Soteriology, examining topics such as Creation, Conversion, Justification and Sanctification.

Christian Life, Ministry & Mission in Contemporary Society

Enables students to develop the knowledge, skills and personal spiritual formation necessary for contemporary issues; an introduction to the phenomenon of globalisation and an introduction to ethics as a means of engaging the global context.

Optional Modules (3 options)

Old Testament Wisdom

The study of Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes which will seek to orient the student to the major historical, social, literary, theological and ethical elements to be encountered in interpretation; also, the study of the characteristics of the themes of wisdom literature.


The study of Acts within the context of Liberation/Salvation, Covenant/Promise and Community: the social, cultic and missiological dimensions of Luke’s work.

Intermediate Greek: New Testament Texts and Language

A deeper study of Greek that is focused on developing translation, text-critical, grammatical and syntactical knowledge and skills required for detailed exegesis of New Testament texts.

Readings in Hebrew

A study of passages representing a variety of literary types chosen from Deuteronomy, Jonah, Ecclesiastes, Psalms and Prophets.

Intermediate Greek: Key New Testament Texts

The study of passages from the Greek New Testament, continued study of Greek grammar and syntax in relation to texts studied.

Introduction to Hebrew

The fundamentals of grammar and the study and translation of sentences representing a variety of literary types.

Relational Theology

Exposes the student to key aspects of Trinitarian theology, Christology and anthropology and empower them to apply the knowledge to their understanding of what it means to be human.

Theology of Worship 2

Begins with the study of the nature of worship, its essence and core elements in the light of biblical teaching, theological reflection and development of worship. It then explores a number of specific worship-related topics, both theological and practical.


Students are given introductory lectures on preaching, followed by seminars which examine how to preach from different passages of Scripture, chosen for their representative nature, to enable the student to move from text to sermon.

Pastoral Care in the Church

Introduces students to the Biblical and theological nature of pastoral care, examines the role and responsibilities of providers of pastoral care within a local church, introduction of core listening skills required in pastoral care and examination of contemporary pastoral issues.

  • Full-Time students in Level 2 will study a total of 120 credits (90 compulsory and 30 optional), timetabled from Monday to Friday.
  • Part-Time students in the 1st Year of Level 2 will study a total of 60 compulsory credits, timetabled on a Thursday and Friday.
  • Part-Time students in the 2nd Year of Level 2 will study 30 compulsory and 20 optional credits (50 in total), timetabled on a Monday and Tuesday.
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