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Kecantikan College: A Well Bulat Pendidikan

Kanada Kampus Kecantikan College Barrie Boleh Jadi Langkah Anda Seterusnya untuk Kerjaya yang sepanjang hayat!

Dengan kebanyakan pelajar kita menamatkan pengajian dan beralih kepada kerjaya kosmetologi dalam masa kurang dari 10 bulan selepas bermula kelas, kolej kecantikan kami di Barrie adalah peluang hebat untuk anda untuk memulakan latihan anda dan mencari niche anda. Kami menawarkan kelas dalam bidang ini:

Estetik Perubatan Jurusolek Artis Penjagaan Kulit Pakar Kulit kimia Pengelupasan Mekanikal Teori Laser

Dan banyak lagi!

Anda boleh mendapatkan pendidikan yang menyeluruh di kampus moden kita, belajar dengan teknologi terkini dan dengan pengajar bagus. Saiz kelas kami adalah kecil, peluang bantuan kewangan kami yang mencukupi, dan kerja kursus kami adalah menyeluruh, memberikan anda kemahiran dan pensijilan yang anda perlu bekerja secara profesional.

Kanada College Kecantikan adalah nama yang dihormati!

Kami melakukan lebih daripada menyediakan anda dengan teknik kosmetik terkini dan paling berguna. Kami juga menawarkan kemahiran praktikal untuk mengisi latihan estetik anda. Sebagai seorang pelajar, anda akan mempelajari kemahiran ini:

kemahiran perkhidmatan pelanggan pengurusan perniagaan / spa salon Etika Medi-spa kemahiran praktikal semasa bekerja dengan pelanggan sebenar di Klinik Intern kami

Ini latihan yang teliti bagi setiap graduan kami telah memberikan Kanada College Kecantikan nama dihormati yang anda boleh menikmati apabila mencari pekerjaan!

Dalam erti kata lain, Kanada Kecantikan College Barrie Kampus a) mengajar anda apa yang anda perlukan untuk berjaya b) memberikan anda peluang pengalaman praktikal, dan kemudian c) membantu dengan mencari peluang pekerjaan dan melompat memulakan kerjaya anda dalam kosmetologi. Dari awal hingga akhir, Kanada College Kecantikan adalah di sana untuk anda!

Untuk mengambil kesempatan daripada peluang-peluang yang indah di kolej kecantikan kami di Barrie, atau untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak maklumat mengenai program kami dan kampus lain, hubungi kami hari ini!

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Campus Sepenuh masa September 2017 Kanada Barrie

Our Aesthetics Diploma program gives students the essential skills they need to work in today's modern spa environment and fast-paced beauty [+]

Pursue Professional Career Opportunities In Aesthetics Our Program Overview Our Aesthetics Diploma program gives students the essential skills they need to work in today's modern spa environment and fast-paced beauty industry. Throughout our program, we give special focus to maintaining a code of ethics and professional image, as well as delivering excellent care for guests. Along with the technical skills students develop in our qualified instructor-led classes, our esthetician courses offer opportunities for the practical application of subject matter. Our students get the benefit of real-world experience before they even graduate! Students will learn about skin care and develop skills in a variety of services normally provided by spa therapists. Along with the core subject material, our students are also given an understanding of business management skills for salon and spas, preparing them to become better employees, future entrepreneurs and business owners. Career Opportunities Over the past eight years alone, the spa industry has experienced tremendous growth, at an astounding rate of 18% annually! And there is no sign of slowing down—the industry is expected to double over the next decade. In an economy where most industries are slowing down, this unprecedented growth rate has increased the demand for professionally trained aestheticians and esthetician courses. Because of this industry boom, qualified graduates are in high demand across the nation and the world. A successful graduate may find great opportunities as a spa therapist or esthetician in salons, wellness centers, resort and destination spas, medical spas, and day spas. The opportunities... [-]

Makeup Artist

Campus Sepenuh masa September 2017 Kanada Barrie

We are proud to deliver a well-rounded comprehensive and professional training program in a Makeup Artist Diploma. [+]

We are proud to deliver a well-rounded comprehensive and professional training program in a Makeup Artist Diploma. The program objective is to provide students with the theory and cutting edge practical training for the exciting world of cosmetics. We concentrate on delivering basic and advanced makeup applications for all areas of the industry, by introducing you to new techniques being used today. This program will focus on the fundamental theories and practical applications to ensure each student is successful in day,evening, bridal, runway, camera, period styles and theater makeup application as well as creative makeup design, client services, sales, marketing and professionalism. Each student will work toward a complete portfolio, master the art of makeup design, and compose an up-to-date resume, so that they may launch a new career. Course Outline INTRODUCTION TO COSMETICS Skin Care: Skin type and features Products and regime Cleanse and Prepare skin for application Professional Ethics: Hygiene and sanitary procedures Professional imaging Professional conduct MAKEUP STYLES & TECHNIQUES Tools and how to use/apply Essential products for the professional kit Contouring/shading and highlighting Determining face and eye shape Creating the perfect eye brow Styles and techniques for day/evening and mature make up for the everyday woman Color Theory: Placement and analysis of color Choosing the right shade and color Understanding of the color wheel The Bridal Market: Client charts and consultations Get to know your Bride Styles and applications Rates and invoicing the client Marketing your business MAKE UP FOR THE CAMERA & RUNWAY Applications and... [-]

Medical Aesthetics

Campus Sepenuh masa September 2017 Kanada Barrie

Medical Aesthetics training can open career opportunities for you to work at many spas throughout the country! [+]

Medical Aesthetics training can open career opportunities for you to work at many spas throughout the country! Our program gives you a well-rounded education, providing you with the skills you need, practical experience using those skills, and various spa-life-related training as well. To learn more about our Medical Aesthetics Diploma training program, read below or contact us today! A Professional Diploma Program! Our Medical Aesthetics is part of a professional diploma program that provides students with non-invasive esthetic theories and advanced practical techniques. Our medical esthetic students learn how to provide basic services such as the following: Body Treatments Makeup Application Nail Care Basic and Advanced Skin Care Waxing/Hair Removal And more! These skills will give them the well-rounded education they need to fit into salon/spa life virtually anywhere! Also, here at Canadian Beauty College, we pride ourselves on creating specialists as well as well-rounded cosmetologists, which is why you will receive training in technical and specialized procedures such as: Chemical Peels Spa Software Laser Hair Removal Microdermabrasion Photo Rejuvenation Skin Resurfacing Medical Spa Operations Introduction to Botox & Dermal Fillers And other medical esthetic therapies! Our Program Prepares You for Medi-Spa Employment Opportunities! You Medical Aesthetics training will include health and safety practices, professionalism in the workplace, and client consultation skills to prepare you for employment after graduation. Our career professionals will also assist you with your job-search after completing your courses! Canadian Beauty College gives you personalized attention and assistance from enrollment to graduation, creating a supportive and... [-]

Skin Care Specialist

Campus Sepenuh masa September 2017 Kanada Barrie

We are proud to deliver a well rounded vocational certificate in Skin Care. [+]

We are proud to deliver a well rounded vocational certificate in Skin Care. The program objective is to provide individuals with both basic and advanced non invasive cosmetic and skin care theory and practical techniques. Students will be well versed in providing basic skin care services such as facials, specialty skin care treatments, face and back treatment and electro facials using electrotherapy modalities. In addition, students will learn how to perform chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments in a clinical setting. This program provides in depth and detailed knowledge in client consultation, health and safety practices according to Ministry of Health regulations and protocols, and professionalism in the workplace. This comprehensive program is specifically designed for individuals who wish to commence a career with advanced Skin Care knowledge along with the practical and theoretical knowledge surrounding the services offered in a spa. Students will be prepared for a career as a Skin Care Specialist. Career Opportunities The Spa beauty industry is expanding and expected to double in revenues over the next 10 years. This unprecedented growth gives you the opportunity to position yourself in the heart of this exploding field equipped with the best training. The successful graduate will be eligible for employment in dermatology clinics, skin care clinics, day spas, wellness centers, destination spas and more. Prerequisites Personal interview to determine suitability for the program Grade 12 graduate or mature student status (18 years old) with a passing score on the superintendent approved entrance test Wonderlic Personnel Test [-]