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Airways Aviation

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Dengan rangkaian global Pilot Training Akademi, Pusat Simulator / Penilaian dan Sekolah Foundation, Airways Aviation mantap sebagai sebuah organisasi latihan penerbangan antarabangsa yang terkemuka. Yang beroperasi di 15 lokasi di seluruh di seluruh Eropah, Timur Tengah, Asia dan Australia, Airways Aviation menyediakan syarikat penerbangan antarabangsa dengan akses terus kepada juruterbang komersial paling sangat mahir dan terlatih yang terbaik. Terima kasih kepada 30 lebih… [+] tahun kami pengalaman latihan penerbangan bertaraf dunia, organisasi terletak dengan baiknya untuk menyokong pelajar tempatan dan antarabangsa dan untuk memenuhi pertumbuhan pesat dalam permintaan untuk juruterbang komersial di peringkat global. Kami menawarkan yang bercita-cita juruterbang Eropah Agensi Penerbangan Keselamatan (EASA) atau Pihak Berkuasa Keselamatan Penerbangan Awam (CASA) yang diluluskan laluan latihan dan penggunaan perkongsian dengan industri penerbangan untuk membolehkan juruterbang graduan yang bermotivasi tinggi untuk melangkah ke dalam kerjaya syarikat penerbangan. Airways Aviation komited untuk menyampaikan pengajaran berkualiti tinggi dan hasil pembelajaran, bersama-sama dengan pengalaman yang sukar dilupakan di atas tanah dan di udara. Kami menyediakan serba lengkap, bilik darjah yang dibina dan kawasan pelajar, dan mengekalkan armada bertaraf dunia pesawat untuk memastikan pelajar dan kakitangan kami terbang dengan selamat dan dengan penuh keyakinan. [-]

University Mediterranean Podgorica

Montenegro Podgorica

Our University is offering you modern study programmes, which are based on the coherence of both the theoretical and practical knowledge and are fully adapted to the modern changes in the Labour market. Our professors, assistants and the partners of our University will help you during your studies with their knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and unconditional support to acquire specialized knowledge which will help you to completely respond to challenges of modern business… [+] activities. With your choice, you are opening numerous possibilities when we are speaking about your personal engagement, not only within our university but all the Atlas Group, the member of which we are. In that way, you will be given the chance to improve and make better your knowledge, skills and competencies you acquire during your studies, but also to contribute to the future development and the prosperity of whole Group. Faculty of Business Studies “Montenegro Business School”, University “Mediterranean” Podgorica, is a young educational institution in Montenegro which is gradually extending its curriculum in order to satisfy a need for high-quality and up-to-date education of young people. The Faculty is also committed to the internationalization of education, as well as to the development of study programs in the English language. Following this commitment, the Faculty used an opportunity for cooperation with foreign universities within the Tempus project DEBUT- M. [-]