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Sama ada anda perlu untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan dalam teknologi atau memulakan perniagaan anda sendiri, Ironhack akan membantu anda mencapai matlamat anda.

Belajar dengan Mewujudkan

Belajar dengan mewujudkan projek-projek menggunakan alat-alat dan aliran kerja yang mencontohi persekitaran kerja yang sebenar.


Mengakses Rangkaian Global

Sertai rangkaian global daripada 400 rakan-rakan plus dan profesional di tiga kampus bertaraf dunia.

This school offers programs in:
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Front-End Web Development

Campus Sambilan 10  June 2017 Sepanyol Barcelona

Become a front-end developer in 10 weeks. Learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. [+]

Who is it for Coding Newbies New to programming? This course is the perfect starting point for those who have tried learning online without any success. Designers Take your UX/UI skills to the next level. Bring your prototypes to life by turning them into fully functional websites. Professional Development Working with developers at your workspace? Learn to effectively communicate ideas in a technical environment Future Bootcamp Students Thinking of enrolling in full-time bootcamp but not sure if it's the right step? This course is the perfect place to make the leap easier Course Syllabus Intro to HTML & CSS You will learn how to create captivating user experiences using HTML, CSS and front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap & Foundation. Topics Include: Programming tools and workflow setup Introduction to Markup & HTML Deep dive into CSS Grid System & Responsive Design Rapid Prototyping with Bootstrap Intro to JavaScript You will learn how to add interactivity to the site using JavaScript & the most common JavaScript libraries including jQuery. Topics include: Basics of Programming using JavaScript (Control flow & Data structures) Introduction to jQuery Boostrap JS Components Third Party APIs using JavaScript Intro to WordPress You will learn to create templates using WordPress, one of the most in-demand CMS, followed by an introduction to the art of freelancing. Introduction to building with PHP & Wordpress, the world’s most popular CMS Optimizing Sites (Semantics, Meta Tags, Sprites) Introduction to Sass and compiling tools Intro to Freelancing Course Structure Class Every Monday will start... [-]

iOS Bootcamp for Developers

Campus Sepenuh masa August 2017 Sepanyol Barcelona

Become an iOS developer in 8 weeks. Learn the fundamentals of Objective-C, CocoaTouch, Xcode, interface design and networking. [+]

Student Type Thinking about enrolling in our iOS Development Bootcamp, but don’t know if you’re the right fit? We’re looking for intermediate to experienced developers who have had experience working with an object-oriented programming language. This course is much more fast-paced than our Web Development course. Some of the types of students that have enrolled in our iOS Development Bootcamp include: Computer Science graduates who want to learn mobile development with a real-world focus. Software developers who want to upgrade their skills and toolset with mobile development skills. Course structure Pre-work Part-time: 15-20 hours per week. Work remotely, weekly group sessions. 3+ Weeks. Course Full-time: 60+ hours per week. 9AM-8PM, Monday through Friday. 8 Weeks. Hiring Week Let us help you prepare for the hiring process. 1 week post-Ironhack Action plan in 11 weeks Pre-work module Pre-Work Weeks 1, 2, and 3 (Online). Consists of 60 hours of online content that you’ll have to complete in order to reach the required level of knowledge for the bootcamp. Learn everything you need to make the most of the 8 weeks you’ll spend at Ironhack. Week 01 The basics Objective-C, Xcode and interface builder Swift Simple memory management First test specs with XCUnit Cocoa Pods Week 02 Start coding! MVC pattern Controllers Simple views Week 03 Touching ground Views, Custom views and drawing Simple animations Autolayout Touches and gestures Week 04 Persistent apps Models Basic Persistence and basic networking Threads and concurrency Week 05 Testing focus Advanced Persistence (Core Data) Advanced Testing... [-]

Web Development Bootcamp

Campus Sepenuh masa June 2017 Sepanyol Barcelona

Become a web developer in 8 weeks. Learn the fundamentals of Ruby on Rails, Javascript and HTML / CSS. [+]

Who is it for Career Changers Looking to make a transition into a technical career? Ironhack’s Web Development Bootcamp is designed to help you acquire the right set of skills to land a job as a junior a developer or a technical focused role. Entrepreneurs If you’re thinking of launching a technology company, this course will help you acquire the skills required to build an MVP or manage a technical team. Level Up This course is the perfect choice for those looking to complement their existing skillset and move into a more technically focused role such as product analyst, growth hacker etc. Recent Graduates Just graduated from high school or college? This course will provide you with the fundamental skills to launch a career in a technical field or start your own business. Course Syllabus Programming Fundamentals Lay out the foundations before building a robust web application. Before starting any project, it is essential to plan out everything from user case to properly modelling data structures. Topics include: Dev Environment Setup Basics of the web (computing & networks) Basics of programming (control flow & data structures) Project collaboration using Github Back-End Web Development Learn to create database-driven applications using Ruby on Rails, a modern web language and MVC framework. Think of this as all the electricals and plumbing behind the walls in your house. Topics include: Ruby on Rails Software architecture (OOP & MVC) Relational databases & ORMs Test driven development APIs using Node.js Front-End Web Development You will learn... [-]

Web Development Part-time

Campus Sambilan October 2017 Sepanyol Barcelona

The same material covered in our Web Development Bootcamp in a flexible weekend format. Learn Ruby on Rails, Javascript and HTML/CSS. [+]

Student Type Thinking about enrolling in our bootcamp but don't know if you're the right fit? We're mainly looking for people who are passionate about technology and learn quickly Some of the student profiles that have enrolled in our Web Development Bootcamp Career changers: all sorts of people that want to break into tech. From bankers to flight attendants. Designers who want to learn programming Marketers who want to become growth hackers CS Majors who want to sharpen their practical, real-world development skills Entrepreneurs who want to get to understand the technical side Experienced developers who want to retool Course structure Pre-work Part-time: 15-20hr/week Learn remotely 3 weeks Course Europe Part-time: 20 h/week Tuesday, Thursday 6pm to 9pm Saturday, from 10am to 5pm Online, 7 h/week 6 months U.S Part-time: 20 h/week Tuesday, Thursday 6:30pm to 9:30pm Saturday 10am to 5pm Online, 7 h/week 6 months Hiring Week Let us help you prepare for the hiring process. 1 week post-Ironhack Action plan in 6 months Previous weeks (Online) Pre-work module 60 hours of online content that you'll have to complete in order to reach the required level at the next module. Learn all that you need to make the most of the 6 months and build your own final project. Block 01 Start coding! Git, Github Intro programming and algorithms Object Orientation Coding in Ruby Block 02 Clean Code Clean code principles SOLID, SRP TDD (Test Driven Development) Sinatra Block 03 Front-End HTML/CSS Javascript Document Object Model Block 04 Put... [-]


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